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  • Creating More Room for Your Chickens

    Ever since I decided to get chickens, I wanted to make sure that their housing was as humanely built as possible.  I’ve read many times that a humane amount of space for enclosed/cooped up chickens is 10 sq ft per chicken.  We started out with about 10-11, but now have about 12-14 sq ft per […]

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  • An EGGcellent Reason to Have Backyard Chickens

    When my clients or new friends find out I have backyard chickens, they usually always want to know why.  My first reason –  multiple layers of green and good deeds: being more self sufficient, chickens helping my yard and gardens, knowing where my food is coming from and being a good chicken steward. The second […]

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  • Chickens Rule, or… The Rules for Chickens in CBus

      From  The ridiculously over the top rules for keeping chickens or other animals in your backyard: 221.05 STANDARDS RELATIVE TO ANIMALS and this riveting document: DOMESTIC FARM ANIMAL REGULATIONS: FAQ ABOUT PROPOSED CHANGES COLUMBUS CITY HEALTH CODE 221.05 AND 221.06 I will concede that regulations have to be over the top (impervious floor in […]

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  • Spoiled City Chickens

    One would think that my pimped-out coop and pen (henceforth called a “run”) would be enough room for the chickens.  Not so.  Well, technically it is, but when you really stop to think that none of us like to be cooped up- HAHAHA! that was funny– then more room the better.  Especially all females!   A […]

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