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  • Ohio Native Plant Month!

    The Governor has declared April Ohio Native Plant Month, which I think is really cool! This will be Ohio’s first Native Plant Month, along with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. With the legislation, the state of Ohio became one of the first states in the country to designate one month each year to recognize […]

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  • Creating More Room for Your Chickens

    Ever since I decided to get chickens, I wanted to make sure that their housing was as humanely built as possible.  I’ve read many times that a humane amount of space for enclosed/cooped up chickens is 10 sq ft per chicken.  We started out with about 10-11, but now have about 12-14 sq ft per […]

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  • Garden for Wildlife!

      This is the 45th anniversary of the Garden for Wildlife program through the National Wildlife Federation.  Since 1973 and encompassing 2.5 million wildlife-friendly acres of backyards, gardens, fields, and community spaces across the United States, the Garden for Wildlife program helps to educate and inspire people to turn their own small pieces of Earth into thriving […]

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  • Time to Really Learn About Gardening

    It’s February 1, 2018 and I’m on a mission.  My mission should be getting to bed, but not before I implore you to do one thing:  jot down your gardening goals for this year and start researching them THIS WEEKEND.  Year after year, for me, February 1 turns into May 1 in like, a millisecond […]

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  • What is a Backyard Habitat

    A backyard habitat (or anywhere in your yard!) is simply providing a place that wildlife can depend on for food, water and shelter.  It’s not only good for the environment, but you’d really be surprised how interesting it begins to be.  I’ve had a lot of friends put up one bird feeder, start to notice […]

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  • Backyard Tour Part 5

    The last, final and LONGEST part of my yard tour! I tried- I really did- to keep this efficient and short- 😅. No can do, friends! Lots to see and say, I guess! Hope you find some inspiration 🌱        

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  • Backyard Tour Part 4

    I lied in the video, 😂, this is PART 4 of my yard tour! What can I say, there’s a lot to cover! Grab a beer, a 🍷 or a soda ….here we go!

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  • Jelly Melon Review

    So, I grew myself some Jelly Melons!  What are those, you ask?  Well I’ve made a little video just for that question :

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  • Backyard Tour Part 3

    For your viewing pleasure, I present to you the 3rd (of 5) leg of my yard tour.

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  • The New Suburban Yard Model

    Okay, so I hope this will be the new model for yards in the suburbs!  This is the first of maybe 5 (?) videos of my yard, as requested by a few friends and family, much to my delight!  When I share what I’ve done over the last several years to our yard, it’s not […]

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