Do What Makes You Happy

Our teeny little nature spot in our backyard










It’s going to be a hot and steamy day today here in Columbus, Ohio. The projected temperature is supposed to hover around 91 with a decent dose of humidity.  I thought this would be a great morning to head over to the Scioto River and go kayaking.  But, I got up late and immediately went outside to give all of my new plants at little dose of water, it now appears to be 11 o’clock and we’re going to hold off and avoid the hot sun and go a little later in the day.

Why am I sharing this?   Because I started feeling a little guilty that instead of getting up and going to do something “fun” as planned, that we’re in essence going to stay in our yard to do “work”.  Well, the “work”  we’re going to do is little teeny projects that we thought would be fun and make us happy.    If something is going to make us happy and my husband and I are together doing it, is it really work? Does it matter whether we’re gearing up and kayaking on the Scioto River, driving down to Columbus Arts Festival, or just hanging out in our own beautiful backyard?  If the point was to do something that makes us happy and to be together,  The what and the where shouldn’t matter. And I guess that’s the point I wanted to share out loud. But we do still intend to go kayaking this evening 😉