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  • A little time off…

    As of this writing, I’ve been off for a little over 3 weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak. My real job is a hairstylist and apparently the powers that be view that as “non-essential”….although my clients may disagree! The positive? I finally have focused time to start blogging again and share my passion for making […]

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  • Backyard Tour Part 4

    I lied in the video, ūüėā, this is PART 4 of my yard tour! What can I say, there‚Äôs a lot to cover! Grab a beer, a ūüć∑ or a soda ….here we go!

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  • Guilding a Food Forest

    Okay, that was a stolen play on words, coming from the fella that inspired our front yard transformation, Michael Judd, the author of Edible Landscaping. Since I’m learning as I go – and I’m trying to learn fast -the short of it is that we’ve built a “forest guild” or a “food forest” of sorts. […]

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  • When Life Hands You Lemons, Grow Paw Paws!

    So, I clearly have a brain that is constantly thinking. ¬†Not worrying thankfully, I just think of stuff, a lot. ¬†Happy things, silly things, things I could do, places I could go, business ideas. ¬†The long and short of it is this: ¬†a couple of friends of ours, me and my husband were going to […]

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  • The Last Raspberries of the Season

    It’s the last week of October here in Columbus and the last raspberries are hanging on. ¬†It’s a sad day. So luckily, I have an everbearing type of raspberry, which is why we’re getting a fall harvest. ¬†Side note: ¬†when you plant any kind of food, especially a kind that’s a perennial/biennial, mark down what […]

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  • So A Girl Walks Into A Greenhouse

    I’ve salivated over every greenhouse I’ve seen for years. ¬†I mean, it’s a sunny building full of plants! ¬†I’m sure no one reading this gets quite as excited as me about this ( and if you did, wanna be friends?!), but finally I’ve made the decision to buy my own. For around $500 on Amazon, […]

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  • It’s All About The Soil

    You know you’ve flown over the Cuckoo’s nest when you purchase a soil¬†testing kit. ¬†Testing soil¬†is not¬†really how I want to spend a Friday night – and I’m not saying this was how I spent a Friday night- but wasting my time planting in poor soil is not a good use of my time. I […]

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